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Special Orders
Any jobs that may require machining we can refer you to other Gunsmiths in the area, but we do not have a machinist on staff.


$20 - Mount & Boresight 
$10 - Boresight Only
$30 - Install Provided Night Sights (If purchased from us installation is $10. Some guns we install for are Glock, Springfield XD/XDM/XDS, S&W M&P/Shield, Sig Sauer, Kimber 1911, Novak 1911 (Colt, Springfield, Rock Island, etc.), and more.)

We stock Trijicon HD and Truglo TFX Night Sights for Glock, Springfield, Novak 1911, Kimber 1911, CZ 75, S&W M&P/shield, and Sig Sauer.

Cleaning rates vary upon the degree of cleaning and the gun.
$40-$60 Handgun Cleaning  
$60-$80 Long Gun Cleaning
**Rate may increase depending on the gun, rust, or type of dirt.

$25 - Install APEX Trigger Kit for M&P Pistols or Revolver. (We have in-store examples of the Duty and FSS kits)
$10 - Install Glock Disconnector 
$10 – Install Glock spring kits

$10 – Install aftermarket Glock slide stop 
$60 – Revolver double action trigger job. (Smith & Wesson only, does not include parts)
$25 - Fit 1911 Safety (Ambi or Single Sided)
$10 - Install 1911 Mainspring housing/magwell

$30 - Install Freefloating Handguard or assemble an upper.
$15 - Install AR Trigger (Timney, CMC, Geiselle, CMMG, RRA, GI, etc.)
$30 - Assemble Lower 
$55 - Assemble Lower & Upper 
$10 - Install Receiver Lockplate (Noveske, Windham, DPMS, Magpul, etc.) 
$10 - Install/Change Buffer Tubes and Stocks. 
$10 - Install Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake
$10 - Torque down & align barrel nut
$15-$20 - Change out gas blocks
$10 - Stake Castle nut/lock plate OR gas key on BCG

Long Gun
$30 - Install bolt action rifle trigger, Timney/rifle basix/etc 
$20 - Restake Remington shell feed latch
$60 - Install recoil pad (does not include pad)

Other jobs are available, but please ask.