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Concealed Carry License
Special Orders
Receiving firearms from another FFL:
The sending dealer can either fax (972-423-1747) their FFL to us, they can contact us by phone (972-423-0121), or email us ( You may also provide us with a phone number/email and we will contact the dealer for you. Our charge for transfer is $35.00 per gun.

When picking up a transfer you will need a Texas Driver's License, ID card, or Conceal Carry License. (Temporary Licenses are acceptable)
Shipping from our store:
We charge $35.00 per gun + shipping charges. The recipient must be a licensed FFL dealer or factory authorized repair facility. We are unable to ship to the following states: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York State, Washington D.C., Washington State, Colorado. If you have any questions in regard to a state listed please call us at 972-423-0121.
NOTE: We do not accept or send to individuals, only FFL holders. C&R licenses are not acceptable for sending, only receiving. 

If you have further questions please contact us via phone or email below.

(972) 423-0121